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Faber-Castell offers optimal solutions for school, university and training in the field of technical drawing: Drawing boards, ink pens, templates and rulers support the exact portrayal of technical details. High-quality materials have been processed to develop reliable and high-quality tools for architects and design practices. Even with the increasing use of digital design tools, ideas are often born on paper.
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Faber-Castell - Drawing board TK-System A3
Drawing board TK-System A3
Faber-Castell - Drawing board TK-System A4
Drawing board TK-System A4
Faber-Castell - Drawing head TK-System
Drawing head TK-System
Faber-Castell - Reduction scale 853HP/A
Reduction scale 853HP/A
Faber-Castell - Bag drawing board A4 empty
Bag drawing board A4 empty
Faber-Castell - Reduction scale 853HP/B
Reduction scale 853HP/B
Faber-Castell - Technical Drawing Pen TG1-S 1.0 mm
5 Line width
Technical Drawing Pen TG1-S
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