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Dazzling unicorn designs

nicorn edition

See all our different products in unicorn-style - Connector paint box, Grip colour pencils and Connector felt tip pen "Snow Globe".

Unicorn magic on the go: Connector felt-tip pen gift set

They adorn windows and TV screens, fashion accessories and storybooks - now the magical mythical creatures are also available for on-the-go: with Faber-Castell's new Connector felt-tip pen set in snow globe shape, little unicorn fans can always have their favourite motif with them and be wonderfully creative at any time. The decorative metal case is filled with 33 bright Connector felt tip pens and offers a complete rainbow palette for magical moments of all kinds. This painting pleasure "to go" is the ideal gift for active young artists. Conveniently, the ink can be easily washed out of most textiles. And if something should get mixed up in the snow globe: The special clip on the cap makes it easy to put the felt pens together and tidy them up.

Connector paint box unicorn edition

This innovation adds a touch of magic to every motif: inspired by the dazzling unicorn designs that fascinate kids so much right now, Faber-Castell has added rainbow glitter from the tube to the Connector paint box. Little artists who love unicorn glitter can use the colourful sparkle finish to decorate the tail or mane of their self-painted mythical creature, for example - and, of course, to add a sparkle to any other scenery. For this purpose, the limited edition contains twelve bright, high-yield standard colours in the tried-and-tested pluggable individual pens and a tube with rainbow glitter. The colours can be easily mixed in the palette integrated in the lid. Sweet extra goodie: Each Connector paint box comes with a unicorn sticker sheet. 

Magical colouring fun: Unicorn design colour pencils sets

Bright rainbow colours, delicate pastel shades, sparkling glitter: the mix of colourful, delicate and iridescent is what makes the unicorn's appearances so enchanting. Now young fans of the mythical creature have the opportunity to playfully use these special effects themselves when painting, drawing and writing: In a limited unicorn edition, Faber-Castell presents 18 classic Colour Grip plus 6 Sparkle Pastel colour pencils - so creative kids can realise their ideas as they please and enjoy the stylish glitter design at the same time. The sticker sheet with cute unicorn motifs makes the new colouring fun the perfect gift. The Limited Edition is also available with 10 Colour Grip and 3 Sparkle pastel colour pencils. Thanks to the high pigmentation, the break-resistant leads are particularly bright; the familiar triangular shape of the Colour Grip takes the strain off children's hands and the patented Soft Grip Zone guarantees a secure grip. The pencils are manufactured in Faber-Castell factories in Germany using certified wood from sustainable sources and are finished with environmentally friendly water-based varnish.