Metallics - the creative all-rounder

We want to inspire you – with our finest quality and rich colours.
When was the last time you drew something? Grab a coloured pen and forget the world around you. Even if what you've drawn doesn't look perfect yet, doing creative work and concentrating on drawing can help you relax and reward you with a sense of delight.
Here we would like to tell you about the joy of drawing and decorating. With the help of many tips, tutorials and examples, we will show you how simple it is to create beautiful artwork using Metallics, regardless of the material you are drawing on.

The creative all-rounder

Decorate light, dark or colourful paper or even smooth surfaces, such as plastic, foil, porcelain, glass and metal, with a premium metallic effect. You can even make wood or rocks look shiny. After drying, Metallics are resistant to both smudging and water splashes.
They can even be made waterproof (not dishwasher safe) by setting them in an oven at 160°C for 30 minutes. The special water-based metallic ink is odourless and doesn't seep through paper. 
Furthermore, no pumping or shaking is required; the ink flows evenly through the 1.5 mm fibre tip. This allows you to start drawing immediately.

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Faber-Castell - Metallics marker 6 colours
Metallics marker 6 colours
Faber-Castell - Metallics marker heart of gold/nothing else metals
Metallics marker heart of gold/nothing else metals
Faber-Castell - Metallics marker, colour copper cabana
Metallics marker, colour copper cabana
Faber-Castell - Metallics marker, colour berry nice
Metallics marker, colour berry nice
Faber-Castell - Metallics marker, colour ice ice blue
Metallics marker, colour ice ice blue
Faber-Castell - Metallics marker, colour wanderlust
Metallics marker, colour wanderlust

Get inspired

The seaside cafe
Create repeated patterns such as the anchors and paper boats shown here.
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Tropic like it's hot
You can draw on a wide range of surfaces using Metallics. This lets you create an entire set of table decorations in the same theme.
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A shining career
Decorate your daily companions, such as coffee mugs, smartphone cases and organisers.
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Time for a party
Create your own shining Photobox accessories.
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Let's get festive
The sky's the limit for your creativity when you combine Metallics with other painting mediums.
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