How to colour in pixel style

Square by square your pencil leads you to the perfect pixel picture. These twelve exciting colouring pages definitely guarantee colouring fun in pixel style. No matter if you choose one of the funny animal motifs or the knight and the indian girl, there is something for every taste. Pixel-it helps to easily make the shift from video games to colouring joy. Additionally, you can find special surprise templates waiting to be brought to life by colour. What can be found behind the pixel grid? And that’s how you can find out: simply choose the colour for each number and find the matching square. Then, all you have to do is draw. So simple but so fun! Grab your pencils - Ready, Pixel, Go!


Level of difficulty: Easy


Level of difficulty: Advanced


All you need for pixeling

Pixel-it Colouring book with 32 motifs
Colour Grip 24 cardboard box and PIXEL book
Col. Grip 12 cardboard box + PIXEL book
Coloured pencil Colour Grip tin of 24
Coloured pencil Colour Grip cardboard box of 24