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How to draw a blow paint monster

  • Kids 
  • 10 min
What you need:

Connector paint box, water cup, A3 or A4 drawing pad, paint brush, straw for blowing, googly eyes to stick on, a painting apron if needed

Step 1

Fill your water cup with water. Dip your brush in the water and water down your chosen colour in the paint box.  Now get as much paint as possible on the brush and hold it tip-down over the drawing pad so that the paint can drip onto the paper.  The bigger your paint splodges are, the larger your blow paint monster will be. Make sure that the paints are as "watery" as possible.

Step 2

Take a straw and blow from the centre of the paint splodge outwards in all directions to spread the paint over the paper.

Step 3

When the paint has dried on the paper, you can stick googly eyes on your blow paint monster. 

Repeat the painting technique with different colours and create lots of crazy blow paint monsters. 

Have fun!

Please note that paints can stain. Use an underlay and protect your clothes. Spots of paint should be washed off right away with lukewarm water and soap.