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Make individual wrapping paper: Great effects with pine needles!

We don’t want to promise too much – but you’ll really enjoy trying out this technique!

You will need the following material:

  • Connector paint box with opaque white
  • Clic & Go water cup
  • Brush
  • Neon-coloured wrapping paper
  • Cotton buds
  • A small pine branch

Step 1

Take the neon-coloured wrapping paper and cut off a piece. It should be the size you need for gift-wrapping later.

Then mix opaque white with a little water in the transparent lid of the paint box. The mixture should be creamy to ensure good coverage.

Make a small, compact bundle of pine needles and dip the tips into the opaque white.

Step 2

Now paint over the paper with the tips of the pine needles – more or less in the middle of the cut-off section.

Step 3

Now mix two beautiful colours in the lid using opaque white, magenta and violet.

Dip a cotton bud into the paint and use it to stamp small flowers over the white stripes you painted earlier.

Step 4

Using pure opaque white, place white dots in the centre of the flowers with the other end of the cotton bud.

Step 5

Your gift-wrap is now ready to use! Wrap up your gift and add a matching ribbon.

Tip: You can also "produce" wrapping paper in advance. You will see that it is great fun to wrap with love.