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Create flowers with cotton buds

You’ve probably never painted such a beautiful flower in such a short time!

You will need the following material:

  • Connector paint box with opaque white
  • Clic & Go water cup
  • Brush
  • Grip felt-tip pen
  • Drawing pad
  • Cotton buds
  • Rubber bands
  • Optional: Canvas

Step 1

Make two bundles of 10-12 cotton buds by tying them tightly together with a rubber band. Make sure the ends of the cotton buds are level.

Then mix yellow, orange and magenta with plenty of water in separate fields of the transparent paint box lid. The water ratio should be such that the cotton buds can soak up and still release colour well.

Now dip one of the two cotton bud bundles into yellow and stamp a circular flower head onto the paper.

Step 2

Now dip the other side of the cotton bud bundle into orange and dab it onto about half of the yellow. The colours should be allowed to run into each other, the effects are magical!

Now, dip the second bundle of cotton buds into magenta. Dab the colour a little more sparingly on the lower edge to create a beautiful, spatial impression of the flower.

Step 3

When the flower head is completely dry, detach the paper from the drawing pad. Or stick it on an old canvas if you want to give the flower as a picture.

Make sure the flower head is positioned so you can draw a stem and leaves with a felt-tip pen. You can either draw standard leaves or alternatively write something nice in the shape of a leaf.

Step 4

You can now add the finishing touches to your gift! Who says you always have to tie ribbon around a gift? Why not stick it around the outside instead?

Finally, use a narrow piece of gift ribbon to tie a small bow and stick it underneath the flower head at the top of the stem.

Step 5


Your perfect gift is without doubt an eye-catcher!