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Christmas tutorial

Wrapping paper with Connector paint box

  • Everybody 
  • 60 min
What you need:
  • Connector paint box w. opaque white
  • Brush + Clic&Go water pot
  • Grip felt-tip pens
  • Potatoes, kitchen knife, kitchen roll
  • Wrapping paper (brown or coloured), cord

Step 1

Depending on how confident you are with a knife, you may want to ask an adult to help you with the DIY. Using a kitchen knife, cut the potato in half and carve the shape of a Christmas tree from the surface. If you like, you can also cut 2-3 lines into the surface of the Christmas tree to look like branches . That will give your print a more stylish look!

Step 2

Now mix opaque white with a little water in one of the mixing trays on the transparent lid. You should make sure the mixture has a creamy consistency. Use some kitchen roll to dab the cut surface of the potato dry, then use a paintbrush to apply the white paint to the Christmas tree.

Step 3

Now use your Christmas tree potato stamp to print your motif on the wrapping paper. You can print haphazardly or in neat, ordered lines.

Step 4

Now wrap your gift. Use a Grip felt-tip pen or paint to add small baubles to the dried Christmas trees or to draw an attractive ribbon connecting them.

That didn’t take long, did it? Anyone getting a present like this will be over the moon with it! If you have enjoyed doing this, why not print a matching gift tag for the present?

Step 5

You can create very different looks with this simple printing technique. For example, instead of wrapping paper you could use newspaper and print colourful Christmas trees on it.

Always think about the environment. Especially when working with food, it is important to pay atten-tion to sustainability. Maybe there are old, wrinkly potatoes in your household that no one wants to eat anymore, but which are perfect for such a potato print.