How to craft butterflies with Gelatos


60 min

What you need:

Watercolour paper (300g/m2), water soluble crayons Gelatos (e.g. green, yellow, pink, red), paintbrush, water cup, pencil, drawing template (butterflies), scissors, glue, possibly hot glue, canvas 

Step 2

Once dry, use a pencil to transfer the templates of the butterflies onto the different backgrounds you have created and cut them out. 

Step 3

To emphasize colour features, the edges of the butterflies can be coloured once more and smudged with your fingers. 

Step 4

Now the butterflies can be glued onto a canvas. For doing this, hot glue is most suitable. It looks very attractive, when the butterflies are glued onto the canvas in assorted colours. 

How to use Gelatos - Butterflies

Tutorial with Susanne Rose