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How to decorate an invitation card

  • Adults 
  • Teenagers 
  • 45 min
What you need:

Drawing board in brown and pink, pencil Graphite, transfer paper, eraser, ruler (metal if possible), scissors, adhesive tape, glue,  Pitt Artist Pen metallic gold, Pitt Artist Pen metallic silver, Pitt Artist Pen metallic copper, Pitt Artist Pen metallic green, Pitt Artist Pen metallic red

Step 1

Print out template at 100 % of actual size. Cut invitation card to size from brown drawing board and score fold. Make pink cutout for the inner card.
With a pencil, draw faint guide lines 2.5 cm apart for the text. Also on the template, draw a continuous line in pencil immediately below the word "Invitation". Cut the template along this line. Place template on guide line of the drawing board and transfer design with graphite paper. To do this, lay graphite paper, dark side down, underneath the template sheet. Trace the lines on the template sheet. After the first few lines, lift graphite paper to check that the lines have been transferred. 

Transfer flower to the brown drawing board.

Step 2

Trace over the transferred lines of the invitation and flower with Pitt Artist Pen copper.

Step 3

Using Pitt Artist Pen gold, colour in all letters with the exception of the word "Invitation". Colour the word "Invitation" in red.

Step 4

Colour in petals with Pitt Artist Pens silver and red, and leaves with Pitt Artist Pen green. Then cut out.

Step 5

Stick flowers onto the finished invitation card. Lay pink inner card in the folded invitation card. 

Using this method, create name cards, menus or attractive gift tags!