General warranty conditions

Terms of guarantee

Faber-Castell products are rightly expected to offer the best quality, comfort and reliability. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your product, please do not hesitate to contact  the dealer where you purchased the product. We will ensure professional and quick processing. Faber-Castell provides a guarantee period of 24 months, starting with the date of purchase. For the processing of your guarantee case Faber Castell needs a completely filled guarantee card or the receipt should be preserved and shown as evidence. After expiry of the guarantee period and in case of damage due to improper use, as well as natural wear, excessive use and utilization accessories, we will undertake the repair work on a fee-charging basis. In this case you will receive a cost estimate before processing, based on the service fee valid at the date of submission. To ensure maximum writing comfort, in the first three months after date of purchase, fountain pen nibs will be changed free of charge to any available line width, provided that the nibs are in perfect condition.We also store spare parts for many discontinued items which are not in our range any more, in order to ensure the best possible service.

Address and Contact

For Playing and Learning, Office or Fine Writing products:
UK Distributor, Stone Marketing Limited
10 Sovereign Way
Tel: +44 1732 771 771

For Art & Graphic products:
West Design Products Ltd.
West House, Shearway Business Park
Pent Road
CT19 4 RJ
 Tel: +44 1303 297888