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Press release

Colourful eye-catchers: Textliner Desk Sets

Whether hand-lettering or in the home office, marking or painting - colours catch our attention as well as our emotions, they bring structure to the written and liveliness to the drawn. How nice to have this inspiration available in a particularly inviting form: The popular Textliner 46 is now available in two cool, decorative boxes that are perfectly tailored to the needs of creative colour fans.
The black, foldable cardboard stand is ideal not only for the desk, but also for on the go. It can be easily transported and placed at the location of your choice. It is filled with 16 textliners in neon, pastel and metallic.
The chic cardboard cube adds a professional touch to any desk - and offers enough space to store all the colours horizontally and present them in an inviting way. It contains 24 textliners in neon, pastel and metallic with the proven quality features: the long-lasting wedge tip that marks in three line widths and the environmentally friendly water-based ink that is suitable for all common types of paper.


Sandra Suppa
Corporate Communication

Antje Röder
Product- and Marketingcommunication