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Autumn flicker: Ambition OpArt Autumn Leaves

The Ambition OpArt Autumn Leaves reminds us of that special time of year when nature's blaze of colour fascinates us anew every year: autumn. When the sun bathes the trees in radiant light, the leaves change colour and glow intensely in the most beautiful shades of red, it also heralds the end of summer. The days become shorter and the evenings cooler. Ambition OpArt Autumn Leaves captures this magical autumn flicker and spreads cosy warmth on our desk. The deep, earthy red has a decelerating effect and at the same time gives us the energy to carry us through the cold season. The winter blues don't stand a chance!
An absolute eye-catcher is the guilloché pattern on the slender barrel, which creates interesting bicolour effects. The fine pattern is a tribute to optical art, a style-defining art form of the sixties. The front and end pieces made of chrome-plated metal form an exciting cool contrast.
The ballpoint pen is equipped with a twist mechanism that allows the large-capacity black refill to be extended and retracted in writing strength B. The fountain pen with high-quality stainless steel nib also ensures first-class writing comfort. The spring-loaded metal clip gives the writing instrument a secure hold in the agenda or diary, even when on the move.


Sandra Suppa
Corporate Communication
Antje Röder
Product- and Marketingcommunication