Draw and paint like a pro: Creative Studio gets a new range

Faber-Castell’s new Creative Studio concept provides a new high-quality product range for all hobby artists. The centrepiece of the range – and the core skill of this long-established company – is its wood-cased pencils. The new colour and water-colour pencils are called Goldfaber and Goldfaber Aqua. And they certainly are anything but ordinary: Thanks to innovative technology, they have particularly soft leads and intensely glowing colours. They are also extremely light-resistant and smudge-proof or water-soluble. The Creative Studio range also includes graphite pencils, oil and soft pastel chalks and markers. Trend-setting products like the new hand lettering sets will also enhance the product range. That makes them great tools for experimenting with your own creativity. Faber-Castell also supplies plenty of inspiration: extensive accompanying material such as tutorials, online tips and tricks as well as test products that help beginners and more advanced artists alike and encourage them to try out and recreate the suggestions.

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