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FAQs: Fountain Pens

Are there special fountain pens for left-handers?

Our regular fountain pens are equally suitable for left- and right-handers.

Only the school fountain pens differ for right- and left-handers (e.g. Scribolino). The asymmetrically designed grip zone makes it easier for novice writers to adopt the correct posture and thus write without tiring. We recommend testing the different nibs in a selected stationery store before buying a fountain pen.

Which nib widths are available and how do they differ?

I have chosen the wrong nib width, can I change it?

To ensure that you enjoy maximum writing comfort, fountain pen nibs can be replaced with any of the available nib widths in the first three months from the date of purchase, providing the pen is free from damage and with proof of purchase.


How do I clean my fountain pen properly?

We recommend cleaning the fountain pen regularly under running, clear and lukewarm water. Especially when the ink has dried up due to non-use, the ink colour is changed or the ink flow decreases. After cleaning, the nib should be dried with an absorbent paper.

Tip: For blue ink we recommend cleaning after three months at the latest, but for coloured inks already after one month, as these contain more dyes and deposit more quickly in the ink duct.

My fountain pen is having ink flow problems, what can I do?

We recommend cleaning the fountain pen regularly (ideally every one to two months) under running, clear, lukewarm water. Particularly if the ink has dried up through lack of use, when changing the ink colour or if the ink flow has reduced.

If this does not improve the ink flow, contact our customer service at info@faber-castell.de

How do I change the cartridge of my fountain pen?

A new cartridge is inserted into the fountain pen by unscrewing the nib holder, removing the empty cartridge and pressing the new cartridge with the opening into the nib holder. A replacement cartridge, which is stored in the barrel, stabilises the cartridge and prevents it from coming loose. If you change the colour of the ink, we recommend cleaning the fountain pen beforehand.

How do I fill a converter?

To fill the converter, the turning mechanism of the converter must be turned to the left until the spiral in the transparent part is at the bottom. You can fill a converter directly or via the nib holder. Depending on which version is used, the converter with or without the nib holder is completely immersed in the ink glass. By turning the handle to the right, the converter can be filled completely. Then pull the converter or the nib holder out of the ink glass and carefully turn the turning mechanism to the left so that two drops of ink can drip back into the glass. Now turn the end of the converter back to the right to close it. This prevents air from flowing into the converter. If the converter was filled directly, it can now be reinserted.

How do I store my fountain pen correctly?

The correct storage of a fountain pen determines the quality of the ink flow, as improper storage can lead to the fountain pen drying out. To guarantee an even ink flow, the fountain pen should be stored horizontally and with the cap closed.

Can I use an ink other than the Faber-Castell ink?

The quality of the ink (colourant content, surface tension etc.) is extremely important. This varies between the manufacturers. Some inks have an extremely low surface tension, for example. When these inks are used, fountain pens tend to leak. To guarantee an optimal ink flow, the ink and ink feed must be perfectly coordinated. This is also the reason why every fountain pen manufacturer recommends using their own inks. A problem-free ink flow can therefore only be guaranteed when Faber-Castell or Graf von Faber-Castell inks are used.

Which inks are indelible?

The Graf-von-Faber-Castell inks in cartridges are identical to the inks from the glass pot. The following inks from the Graf von Faber-Castell line are indelible: Cobalt Blue, Carbon Black, Stone Grey, Moos Green, Midnight Blue, Violet Blue, Garnet Red, Hazelnut Brown, Deep Sea Green) The indelible property corresponds to ISO 12757-2 and is indicated on the packaging.

Is the ink harmless?

We assure you that our inks are completely harmless to health.

What ink colors are offered for the cartridges?

We offer our standard ink cartridges in blue, black, turquoise and pink.


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