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Faber-Castell - Highlighter TL 46 metallic brilliant ruby
Highlighter TL 46 metallic brilliant ruby
Faber-Castell - Textliner 46 Pastell, ultramarine
Textliner 46 Pastell, ultramarine
Faber-Castell - Textliner 38, blue
Textliner 38, blue
Faber-Castell - Textliner 38, red
Textliner 38, red
Faber-Castells offers a wide assortment for markers for many different purposes. Whiteboard marker, Permanent marker as well as highlighter (text marker) are designed to meet your expectations in regards to Quality, Sustainability and Ergonomy.
The Multimark fibre tip technical pen with integrated special eraser reliably writes on almost all surfaces. Depending on the required purpose, the pens are available in 8 permanent and non-permanent ink colours each. They are exceptionally luminous and rich in colour.