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More Information about Faber-Castell's mechanical pencils

TK Fine mechanical pencils

The proven mechanical pencil TK-Fine is ideally suited to precise drawing. They had been developed for architects and artists with the highest demands on precision and quality. You can choose between four line thicknesses: the 0.35 mm lead for extra fine drawing, the 0.5 mm lead for fine drawing, the 0.7 mm lead for particularly break-resistant drawing or the 1.0 mm lead for extra wide drawing. The lead can of course be fully retracted.

Design mechanical pencils

Our premiun finewriting range also contains fine propelling pencils in different shapes and premium materials including pencils with a wooden barrel. The length of the lead can mechanically adjusted by twisting the endcap of the pencil. The lead can have different thicknesses: While the AMBITION propelling pencil comes with 0,7mm leads, the e-motion mechanical penil contains a 1,4mm lead, which is more robust.