Jens Hübner
‟The new Faber-Castell waterbrush enables artists to colour sketches while on the move and to achieve different watercolour effects with no additional water tank."
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Natalie Gehre
‟I find Ecco Pigment fineliners to be extremely reliable. They can be used for mandalas, Zentangle pictures, tattoo designs and for highlighting portraits."
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Giulio Stoppani
‟No pencils, no brushes, no computer. A good technical pen, a black and white idea to re-create, a clean white sheet of rough paper."
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Felix Görmann
"I love telling stories. For me, the comic is the most natural way to do this."
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Joachim Propfe
‟I really like working with fineliners like the Faber-Castell Ecco Pigment, as they are perfect for quick calligraphy sketches or handlettering"
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Ale Giorgini artwork in bright colours
Ale Giorgini - Illustration
“Pitt Artist Pens are the all-in-one tool for my daily work.”
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colorful drawing by Alexander Vethers
Alexander S. Vethers - Art
The dynamic artworks by Alexander Vethers unite poetic sensuality and aesthetics; they reveal extremely firm and confident strokes.
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Barbara Moore
Vivid colours and contrasting flower arrangements make up Barbara Moores´ paintings.
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Portait drawn with Castell 9000
Barbara Rogge-Fuchs
“In order to create a picturesque background, I use a scalpel to scrape some graphite off the lead and onto a piece of paper. I then smudge the loose pigment with a finger or paper wiper.”
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PITT artist pen artwork
Brigitte Doege
"Pitt Artist Pens have a solid but flexible brush nib – like a high-quality paint brush that doesn’t spread apart after a long time of use.”
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The rooftops of Paris illustrated with PITT artist pens
Christian Jallat - Comic
“The Pitt Artist Pen replaces both ink and quill and make a stockage of ink superfluous.”
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Artwork illustrated with PITT artist pens
Don Colley - Illustration
"If I had to choose one medium for drawing outside it would be the Pitt artist pen.”
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with Castell 9000 sketched leaves
Gisela Zigawe-Schmitt - Illustration
“To emphasise a lighter edge or area, I use an eraser or kneadable eraser for brightening. Highlights on leaves can easily be created using this method.”
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Joseph Casapinta - Classic India ink drawings
Joseph Casapinta is particularly skilled with pen and ink.
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Karen Anne Brady - Ink Tangles
"With a variety of different nib sizes, I begin adding patterns to the form"
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Kera Till - Fashion
"I use Pitt Artist Pens for colouring and drawing."
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Markus Klein
"The challenge is to draw a portrait that is more realistic and alive than a photo."
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Markus Kronberger
Drawings do not always have to be representational, as exemplified in these works by Markus Kronberger.
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Omar Jaramillo - Painting
“When I’m on the road with my sketchbook, I need to capture sceneries quickly with a few brushstrokes."
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Raul Miclea - Comic
“The Castell 9000 Jumbo pencils create all levels of black that are needed to create the necessary tension."
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Rodolfo Sales - Graffiti + Digital Design
"The shapes in my artworks are always very dynamic and twisted.”
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Sascha-David Salender - Product Illustration · Architecture
“I like fine cross-hatching best. It enables me to beautifully present the plasticity of shapes and specifically create contrasts.”
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Selamat Cumat
Selamat Cumat expresses his passion for art in surrealistic portraits. He uses Polychromos Colour Pencils for bright and vivid contrasts.
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Sophie Schmid
"Drawing isn’t an activity for me, but a state of being – one of the best.”
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