Fountain pens and other products for left-handers

Many of our writing instruments are suitable for both left- and right-handers, such as the Grip coloured and graphite pencils or our propelling pencil. All of them have a non-slip surface and a triangular profile. Our special fountain pens for left-handed children are equipped with a nib with iridium tip for gentle writing even when high pressure is applied. Likewise, the ergonomic soft grip allows for easy three-finger grasp, making these fountain pens ideal for left-handed children learning to write.
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Graphite pencil GRIP 2001 with eraser HB
from £1.20
Fountain pen Scribolino berry left
Fountain pen Scribolino blue left
Mechanical pencil Scribolino 1.4mm blue
Fountain pen Scribolino left light green
Fountain pen Scribolino black left
Mechanical pencil Scribolino 1.4mm berry
12 Colour choices
Coloured pencil Jumbo GRIP red
from £1.60