Discovering and understanding colour with our Connector Paint Box

How are colour wheels structured? What are primary and secondary colours? The modular Connector paint tablets allow relationships between colours to be vividly represented. Which colour is still missing in the caterpillar, and which colour tablet is needed to complete the colour wheel? The vibrant gouache paints let children experiment with mixing colours in a playful way. Simply join the relevant Connector paint tablets and start mixing new colours. Secondary colours (orange, green and violet) are created by mixing two of the primary colours (red, yellow and blue) together. The unique Connector paint box is perfect for any techniques and applications that children and teachers may want to explore in class. The rich colours, easy application and high yield of these paints ensure that children are able to enjoy lasting painting fun.

Connector Paint Box

Painting ideas with our Connector Paint Box

Create flowers with cotton buds
You’ve probably never painted such a beautiful flower in such a short time!
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Make individual wrapping paper
Great effects with pine needles! We don’t want to promise too much – but you’ll really enjoy trying out this technique.
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Wrapping paper – sleeve
Actively protect your environment! With this upcycling project you can brighten up empty yoghurt pots and use them to give a plant as a present!
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How to do finger printing
Feel free to use your thumb or other fingers to make the prints too. You'll see how much fun it is to experiment with different shapes and sizes.
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How to do flower stamping
Create your own personal field of flowers by using different colours or use other flowers and natural materials.
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How to draw a blow paint monster
The bigger your paint splodges are, the larger your blow paint monster will be. Make sure that the paints are as "watery" as possible.
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How to do paint splatters
The splatters will have different sizes depending on how forceful your movements are.
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