111 Years Castell 9000

Can a pencil bring happiness? Inspire entirely new ideas? The history of the famous Castell 9000 is evidence of this. The green, hexagonal pencil has helped ensure legendary results and creations. Thus performance artist Joseph Beuys once posed with it for an art book as though it were a creative exclamation mark. The writing utensil, developed in 1905 by Alexander Graf von Faber-Castell, inspired special effects artist Carlo Rambaldi to draw a whimsical alien that later brought tears to the eyes of millions of cinema-goers as E.T. and Günter Grass, writer, Nobel Prize winner for literature and talented illustrator fell in love with this writing utensil, which is available in 16 degrees of hardness. He also coloured it including the holder and adorned it with the enigmatic lines: Words on demand. All pencils sharpened. And yet there is still much left unsaid.

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Graphite pencil Castell 9000 HB
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Graphite pencil Castell 9000 HB with eraser

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